'Zoolander 2' news: New clip introduces Kristen Wiig's terrifying character; Justin Bieber to play key role


With Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson set to reprise their iconic roles as male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel in the much awaited “Zoolander” sequel, audiences should be excited to learn that they will be introduced to another hilarious yet terrifying new character.

The team behind the movie has released a clip of the character to be played by Kristin Wiig, Alexandra Atoz, who claims that her youthful good looks are the product of her “Youth Milk” formula.

Wiig is unrecognizable in the clip, as she is clearly depicted as a woman who fell victim to a series of botched cosmetic surgeries, which her character claims not to have undergone.

A report by Fashionista observed that Atoz was able to inject as many double innuendos in the clip as possible and Wiig’s heavy foreign accent lent to the comedy of the video.

As for the plot, Stiller, who stars, directs, produces, and co-writes the sequel said that Derek’s Center for Kids Who Can’t Read Good And Who Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too collapse and left Hansel maimed after the accident, reported News Australia.

The duo will be called back to the modelling world when the Interpol asks for their help in outing a new villain whose goal is to kill the world’s most beautiful people. Derek and Hansel will be left with no choice but to join the fashion show staged by Atoz to close the case.

This will be where Penelope Cruz comes in as an agent of the Interpol. Justin Bieber also plays a part in the movie.

“[He’s] a key element of the film. It turns out he’s an integral part of this secret brotherhood of pop stars who are protecting male models,” Stiller added.

“Zoolander 2” will finally be shown in cinemas on Feb. 12.