Zayn Malik news soulful solo project worth wait, says Naughty Boy; Rita Ora interested in collaboration


It was not too long ago that Zayn Malik broke every Directioner’s heart when he left One Direction last March. And after that, the fans started crucifying Naughty Boy for the retweeted mashup video that he labeled Zaughty. It even led to famous hashtagged Twitter campaigns requesting for Naughty Boy’s suspension. But the UK producer chose to take things in his stride. At the height of the Twitter wars, Naughty teased the fans all the more. This also irked the other One Direction members such as Louis Tomlinson.

Up to this day, the UK producer denies having any involvement in Zayn’s decision to leave the boy band. But he teased that he and Zayn are working on a very “soulful” project that is worth waiting for, reports MTV.

After his departure from his epic boy band, recently hailed as one of the richest entities for 2015 by Forbes, Zayn turned out to be very appealing to fellow artists in the industry. Rita Ora wants to collaborate with him, according to The Hamilton Spectator, citing that Zayn’s sharing of hair color with her boyfriend is a good sign for her. Ora also gushed about her recent collaboration with Ed Sheeran in the song “Us.”

It has been a little over 100 days since Zayn left One Direction and fans are waiting for his first solo album and new collaborations apart from what he is working on with Naughty Boy.  Zayn covered “No Type” by Rae Sremmurd and it leaked on the internet. Apparently Zayn is not allowed to release any solo music for the next two years as reported by USA Today. In the meantime, Zayn was spotted frequenting style and fashion events such as Louis Vuitton recently; he may be going with the fashion networking bandwagon for the meantime until the ban on his solo music is lifted.