'Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links' news: New card set goes live with latest update


One of Konami’s most-downloaded mobile apps, “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links,” has released its new update with new cards up for grabs.

A recent report indicated that the latest update of “Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Links” is bringing new card set, Valkyrie’s Rage, which available in its virtual card store. Just like the popular Ultimate Rising and Neo-Impact sets, the new card package is complete for decking.

Valkyrie’s Rage is packed with a lot of Light-attribute monsters and Spirit monsters. A slew of support cards for Big Core or Gradius cards and Dark-attribute monsters are also included in the bundle.

The cards inside the Valkyrie’s Rage set are grouped based on its rarity. These are ultra-rare, super rare, and rare cards.

The ultra-rare monsters are Sky Scourge Enrise, BES Big Core, Dimensional Alchemist, Asura Priest, Dunames Dark Witch, and The Fiend Megacyber. Ultra-rare spells in the deck include Soul Exchange and Nobleman of Extermination; while Escape from the Dark Dimension and Divine Wrath are the ultra-rare trap cards available.

White-Horned Dragon, Susa Soldier, Cyber Raider, Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts, and Wrecker Panda are super rare monsters included in the deck. The super rare spell cards include Shinobird Power Spot, Creeping Darkness, Mirror of Yata, and Burning Land. Wild Tornado, Xing Zhen Hu, and Adhesion Trap Hole are super rare trap cards.

So far, there are 23 rare monsters in the recent card set. To name a few, Zera the Mant, Angel 07, Akz, The Pumer, Penumbral Soldier Lady, and Ghost Knight of Jackal are monsters in the set. However, only four rare spells are included: Veil of Darkness, Contract with the Abyss, Fairy Meteor Crush, and Tailor of the Fickle.

Dark Spirit Art Greed, Dark Mirror Force, Physical Double, Pineapple Blast, and Skull Lair are considered rare traps.

Additionally, Valkyrie’s Rage set has cards of monsters, spells, and traps that belong to the “normal” group.

The update for the virtual trading card mobile game is available on both platforms, iOS, and Android.