'Yomawari: Night Alone' news: ESRB listing hints PS Vita game will release on PCs


Recent events in the development for an English localization of the Japanese survival horror game “Yomawari” hint that the game will be coming to the Microsoft Windows PC as well as the PlayStation Vita.

According to a recent listing with the Entertainment Software Rating Board (ESRB), the English localization of “Yomawari” will be coming to the PC alongside the PS Vita release. Developed by Japanese video game company Nippon Ichi Software, the game was originally released in Japan solely for the PS Vita platform.

Prior to the listing, there were no indications that the game will be released on platforms other than the PS Vita. Fans originally thought that Nippon Ichi Software’s North American arm, NIS America, would simply be releasing a localized version solely on the original version’s platform.

However, the ESRB’s listing clearly states, “Windows PC, PS Vita” under “Platform.”

Categorized under “T for Teen” in age rating, the rating summary described “Yomawari” to carry “dark thematic elements.” The game also features “depictions of violence” and “stylized blood-splatter effects.”

“Yomawari” is a survival horror video game originally released in Japan in October of last year. NIS America’s localization has the game’s title as “Yomawari: Night Alone.”

NIS America’s website described the games premise as “A young girl is walking her dog Poro around town at dusk when a tragic accident forces her to return home with only Poro’s leash in hand. The girl’s sister commands her to stay home while she goes out into the night to search for the dog. Time passes. Growing impatient, the girl decides to search for her missing sister and dog herself.”

“Yomawari: Night Alone” is currently slated to be released sometime later this year.