Xiaomi Mi 5 specs: leaked image render and first live video give more clues to device


It has become undeniably noticeable that the long rumored upcoming flagship of the company, Xiaomi Mi 5, has been a regular in the rumor millspecs, details, leaked image and renders, and release date speculations have been reported about the flagship device. However, the company itself remains silent about details regarding the deviceor if one does even exist at all.

Now, in latest set of leaks, the Xiaomi MI 5 has been featured in a set of leaked rendersshowing the device in different colorsand a video of the device, a first leak of this kind.

A user from Chinese mobile site Weibo, as reported by Times News UK, leaked a new set of renders that is said to be the upcoming Xiaomi Mi 5 flagship. The new renders follows closely to what was shown in the previous set of leaks and rumors. The Mi 5 shown in the new renders sport the physical home screen buttonactually a first for Xiaomiwhich was also said to be where the embedded fingerprint scanner will be. The rumored fingerprint scanner technology is said to be the smallest and fastest fingerprint scanner on any mobile device in the world thus far.

The new renders featured the Mi 5 flagship in four different colorspink, white, black, and gold. As with previous rumors, the new renders also showed the device in a seemingly all metal build.

Additionally, the first leaked video featuring the Xiaomi Mi 5 surfaced online recently. The video seemed to be a leaked promotional material where a live devicewhich is said to be the Mi 5is shown and is used to showcase the menu and some features of it. The video isshort, but it interestingly features a real device that looked like what was shown in leaked renders and images online. The video can be seen here.