'XCOM 2' release date to PS4 and Xbox One this September


Console players itching to resume the fight against the alien invaders in the turn-based strategy speculative fiction “XCOM” video game series may now do so with the announcement that “XCOM 2” will be coming to Microsoft’s and Sony’s current generation consoles.

Publisher 2K Games and developer Firaxis Games announced the news just recently, revealing that “XCOM 2” will go live on consoles on Sept. 6 in North American territories followed by an international release on Sept. 9.

“XCOM 2” is the critically acclaimed sequel to 2012’s “XCOM: Enemy Unknown” but unlike the first game, which had a simultaneous release for the PlayStation 3, Xbox 360 and PC, the sequel’s launch last February was exclusive to the PC platform.

Released to critical acclaim, “XCOM 2” was designed using the game elements present in its predecessor, which was developed as both a remake and reboot of the 1990 games “UFO: Enemy Unknown” and “X-COM.”

The first game placed players in the role of the unseen commander of the titular XCOM organization, created by the world’s government as a secret paramilitary organization to resist against an invasion by a collective alien force. The sequel then turned the tables against players, this time making the aliens the worldwide force operating under the despotic Advent while XCOM has been relegated to the role of a small guerilla force as part of a widespread yet fragile rebellion.

The current storyline is one of the many ways players could have failed in the original game, most likely during the events of the expansion “XCOM: Enemy Within.” The game’s background story revealed that XCOM’s defeat led the governments betraying them right before surrendering to the aliens. The aliens then revealed themselves to the world under the false pretense of a benevolent cooperation and created Advent, forcing XCOM to go into hiding for 20 years.

The sequel has gotten a number of post-release content since its launch, all of which will reportedly be made available on the first day of the console version. The game will retail for the standard price of $59.99, with the Deluxe Edition selling for $74.99. The game’s season pass, titled the “Reinforcement Pack”, will sell for $19.99 and will include additional items featured in the “Deluxe Edition.” Those who pre-order the console version will also receive a set of skins for the game’s soldiers.

Catch “XCOM 2” on the console when it releases on Sept. 6.