Xbox Two release date: Microsoft to release two Xbox consoles through 2017?


Rumors regarding the long talked about new version of the Xbox One received major development recently, as Microsoft is reportedly gearing up to release two new gaming consoles, both of which will offer unique upgrades.

In two separate reports by Kotaku and Polygon, anonymous sources connected to Microsoft allegedly revealed that the company is indeed working on a new Xbox One console and might actually speed up its release in the hopes of crushing the competition with Sony. The Japanese game giant has also been long rumored to be working on a PlayStation 4 upgrade, dubbed as the PS4.5.

One of the two consoles will be a slimmer Xbox One. Ss reports said, it is expected to be “40 percent smaller than the current model and will likely include 4K support.” This Xbox version is said to be the slimmest Xbox One ever released.

This “slim” console is expected to be unveiled at the upcoming Electronic Entertainment Expo 2016.

On the other hand, the major “upgrade” is set to be unveiled in 2017, sources said. This will be the year when Microsoft will launch and release a new Xbox console, reportedly codenamed as of now as “Scorpio.” The device is expected to arrive on the latter part of the said year.

The slimmer Xbox One is said to sport a 2TB hard drive, double the capacity of the current Xbox One. The 2017 Xbox, on the other hand, is said to sport a much powerful GPU and processing capabilities compared to the current Xbox One.

Another rumored feature of the “Scorpio” Xbox is support for the Oculus Rift VR headset. Also, these new Xbox consoles are said to be part of “Project Helix,” an ongoing project within Microsoft that aims to bridge the gap between the Xbox gaming console system and the Windows computer system.