Xbox One Windows 10 update release date, features: Arrives on Nov. 12; to include better interaction in new community area


Microsoft is set to update the Xbox One consoles to have Windows 10 as the operating system with the arrival of the “New Xbox One Experience.”

The beta version was released on PC during the summer but the more stable one will be coming next month, equipped with new features that promise faster performance, better gaming experience and even have the option to scroll in a vertical direction.

“Introducing a completely re-imagined Xbox One experience that integrates the speed and versatility of Windows 10. Get faster access to the games, friends, and features that matter most. Whether you want to discover new movies and shows with the OneGuide or play with the best gamers on Xbox Live, the New Xbox One Experience gives you what you want, when you want it,” Microsoft said in a statement.

The elements to be included are the ability to follow games and developers in real time for latest news; see what friends in the users’ network are playing; compare statistics and scores; have a fully customizable avatars; and better social activity in the Community area that allows for one to like, comment on and share content in the activity feed. 

There will also be TV guides to show what the latest trends are across Xbox Live and to browse other shows. The App channel panel also displays content and highlights important details to owners. They may also get notifications from those connected to them such as online visibility, invites and achievements. People may also interact with each other using voice commands to directly respond to messages even without exiting the game. 

Meanwhile, it will also have backward compatibility that allows for saving progress, add-ons, playing legacy Xbox games, DVR and Windows 10 streaming. Moreover, some of the games will be made available to be played online regardless of whether the console is old or new generation. 

New Xbox One Experience is slated to be released on Nov. 12.