Xbox One S release: no exclusive games


Microsoft’s Xbox head Phil Spencer clarified issues about the games for the recently announced and upcoming versions of the Xbox One console the Xbox One S and the more powerful Xbox One, Project Scorpio. While Spencer was not able to reveal anything specific regarding the new version of consoles, the Xbox executive clarified things regarding the resolution that would be required for the consoles’ games, as well as the matter regarding exclusivity of games per console version.

In an interview with GameSpot, Spencer said that the Xbox One S and the Project Scorpio will indeed come with support for 4K Ultra HD gaming resolution but would not require such a big resolution for every game that would be played on it, as the 4K resolution would not be a mandatory requirement for game developers.

According to Spencer, while there would be more Xbox One variations in the future, each variant would still be able to coexist with each other, and there would not be any form of exclusivity when it comes to games that is, at least for now.

“We’ll absolutely be open to that,” Spencer said, talking about the resolution of the new consoles not being restricted to 4K only. “I think creative freedom and how you want to use the power of the box is something that I always support.”

As per the statement of the Xbox head, it would seem that while Microsoft is set to release at least two new versions of the Xbox One, there won’t be any difference in the lineup of games that the owners of each console would be getting where they would differ is only in the power of hardware they have.

“One thing we should make sure that everyone understands is, every game that comes out in the Xbox One family will run on the original Xbox One, Xbox One S, and Scorpio, so we have had some questions, ‘Are there going to be Scorpio-exclusive games?’ No, the line of games you’re going to get to play is the same,” he added.

The Xbox One S is coming later this year, and the Project Scorpio console is expected to launch sometime in 2017.