Xbox One Backwards Compatibility news: Additional games revealed


A slew of new titles that will be added to the Xbox Backwards Compatibility program has been announced, and most of them are from Electronics Arts.

According to Express, searching on Amazon revealed a total of five new games that will allegedly be made available to be backwards compatible by Microsoft. About five of the games are all from Electronic Arts: “Dragon Age II,” “Fight Night Round 4,” “Burnout Revenge,” “Need for Sped: Hot Pursuit,” and “Skate 3.” “Fable Anniversary” is the only title allegedly included in the list that is not from the same publisher, instead developed by Lionhead Studios and published by Microsoft Game Studios.

All of the titles were revealed to have a June release date, with some even slated to be released right on this year’s Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3). Out of the six, five have been confirmed through Amazon searches with “Skate 3” only strongly rumored.

Microsoft promised that “Skate 3” will be made available through Backwards Compatibility last year, though no news surfaced since then. Reports revealed that the game was re-rated by Korea’s Game Rating Board which suggests that Microsoft or Electronic Arts might be polishing the game before its Backwards Compatibility release.

By the title alone, “Skate 3” is the third game in the “Skate” series of skateboarding video games released in 2010. The other sports themed entry, “Fight Night Round 4,” is the fourth installment in Electronic Arts’ licensed boxing series “Fight Night” released in 2009.

Originally released in 2005, “Burnout Revenge” is the fourth main game in the “Burnout” series of racing video games. The other high speed entry, “Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit,” is the 16<sup>th entry in the long running “Need for Speed” franchise.

For the two fantasy role playing game entries in the list, “Dragon Age II” is the 2011 sequel to 2009’s “Dragon Age: Origins” and placed players in the role of fully customizable protagonist Hawke as they get sucked into the conflicts in and around the city of Kirkwall. Meanwhile, “Fable Anniversary” is the remastered version of 2004’s hit action role playing game “Fable” which released to universal acclaim thanks to its combat and other innovative mechanics.