Xbox One Backward Compatibility games update: 'Fallout: New Vegas' among 7 new games added


The list of older game titles now available to be played on Microsoft’s current generation Xbox One home console just keeps getting longer and longer, with the tech giant announcing another additional eight games added to the Xbox One’s Backward Compatibility feature this month.

Microsoft just updated the list of Xbox 360 games now made backward compatible to the Xbox One on the Xbox website. The new eight games recently added to the list are “Blood Knights,” “Comic Jumper,” “Crystal Quest,” “Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara,” “Fallout: New Vegas,” “I Am Alive,” “Joe Danger Special Edition,” and “Red Faction: Battlegrounds.”

The new additions bring the month of June’s total contribution to the list of backward compatible games at 20 titles; those who have already purchased the titles before will instantly have the option to download them under the My Games and Apps section of the Xbox One dashboard.

The most noteworthy among the list of new entries is “Fallout: New Vegas,” which is also the only title to be released as part of the “Games on Demand” program this time around, according to Xbox Live director of programming Larry Hryb’s Major Nelson website. The title joins the previous week’s addition of “Left 4 Dead 2” and “Portal 2” as among the most long-awaited and much clamored for games to be made available for the platform’s backward compatibility feature.

“Fallout: New Vegas” is the 2010 side entry to Bethesda Softworks’ “Fallout” series, developed by Obsidian Entertainment for all major platforms. Despite being a major game in the series, “Fallout: New Vegas” was made as a stand-alone title with no direct connection to its predecessor, “Fallout 3.”

Set in Nevada, now referred to as the Mojave Wasteland, the game placed players into the role of a courier who ended up getting captured and shot in the head while on the way to deliver a package. Surviving the ordeal, the Courier then sets out to track down the man who stole the package, along the way becoming one of the biggest influences in the shaping of the area’s political climate.

Catch “Fallout: New Vegas,” now available on the Xbox One via the Backward Compatibility feature.