Xbox One Backward Compatibility games list: 'Left 4 Dead,' 'Portal 2' added to games roster


Microsoft recently released a total of five new games that would be playable for the Xbox One console via the Backward Compatibility program. This time, there had been a number of past AAA titles that were added to the growing roster.

As announced by Microsoft’s director of programming for Xbox Live Larry Hyrb, aka Major Nelson, two classic Valve games are coming to the Xbox One as the newest backward compatible games. The fan favorite zombie first-person shooter game “Left 4 Dead” and first-person puzzle-platform game “Portal 2” will be coming all the way from previous generation consoles to the Xbox One and will now be playable on the console.

In the past additions of backward compatible games, Microsoft had been revealing mostly classic titles from the past decades, with only a number of recent titles added to the list. Also added to the list of backward compatible games were “Flashback,” Babel Rising,” and “Brain Challenge.” All these game are now available to download on the Xbox One.

Left 4 Dead” takes players into an apocalyptic adventure as one of the four survivors immune to a virus that has turned everyone on the planet into savage zombies. Players can either play as the human survivors and fight off the hordes of zombies, or choose to play as a special type of zombie that prevents the survivors from escaping. The game features a co-op mode with up to four human survivors and can be played either by online multiplayer mode or via a LAN connection.

Portal 2,” meanwhile, takes the players back in the grounds of the Aperture Science Labs, as the player would once again be guided by GLaDOS, an occasionally murderous computer companion who also served as a guide for the players in the first installment of the video game series. “Portal 2” features a two-player co-op mode, as well as a single player campaign mode.