Xbox Live Games with Gold updates: February 2016 games revealed


The first month of the year 2016 is almost over, which also means that a new month of free games for users of Xbox Live Gold will be made available via the Games with Gold program.

For the month of February 2016, there will be a total of four new free gamestwo for the Xbox One console and two for the Xbox 360 console. Like in the past month, Xbox One players get all the new free games due to the new Xbox One Backwards Compatibility program, which brings Xbox 360 games to the newer generation console.

Xbox One players will be getting the action RPG “Hand of Fate” and the stealth and action game “Styx: Masters of Shadows.” On the other hand, Xbox 360 players will be getting the action brawler game “Sacred Citadel” and the classic shooter game “Gears of War 2.”

“Hand of Fate” Available Feb. 1-29

“Hand of Fate” combines the elements of deck-building, tarot cards, choose-your-own-adventure, brawling, and role-playing action in a game that features a notable narrator and villain, inducing the feeling on players that just one more card is needed to turn the tables on their opponent.

“Styx: Masters of Shadows” Available Feb. 16-March 15

Players will take on the character of Styx, a goblin who will attempt to infiltrate the heavily fortified Tower of Akenash and steal the Heart of the World. Along the way, the players and Styx will discover more of the world of the game as well as Styx’s own origins.

“Sacred Citadel” Available from Feb. 1-15

Delve in a medieval world of sorcery and swords in an ever-shifting landscape in this game which features a three-player cooperative combat.

“Gears of War 2” Available on Feb. 16-29

Play the role of Marcus Fenix as he joins Dom Santiago and the other members of Delta Squad take the fight to the Locust army, battling their way into the depths of Sera to strike at the heart of the enemy.