Xbox Games with Gold November 2016 free games list: 'Super Dungeons Bros,' 'Murdered: Soul Suspect,' 'Monkey Island: SE,' 'Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon'


Microsoft has finally revealed the much-awaited lineup of free games for the month of November. Similar to previous offerings, Xbox One and Xbox 360 get two dedicated titles each. The owners of the latest generation console can also access the games for the latter through the Backward Compatibility feature.

According to the official press release, Xbox One will have “Super Dungeons Bros” available for the whole month, followed by the thriller mystery “Murdered: Soul Suspect” from Nov. 16 to Dec. 15. Both games are available to purchase for $19.99.

“Super Dungeons Bros” allows players to team up with friends and go on an adventure with the goal of conquering obstacles by throwing one’s brothers-in-arms across hazards or stacking them up to make a deadly tower of blades.

Meanwhile, “Murdered: Soul Suspect” is a dark supernatural detective thriller with a unique gameplay twist players will have to solve their own murder from the afterlife. They will control the character of Ronan O’Connor, a detective with the Salem police who had been brutally killed by a masked murderer.

In addition, Xbox 360 and Xbox One (via backward compatibility) players will also get to enjoy the classic adventure game “Monkey Island: SE” at the start of the month. It will be available from Nov. 1 to 15 and can be bought for the price of $9.99. It will be replaced by award-winning “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” starting Nov. 16 until the end of the month.

Monkey Island: SE” features the misadventures of wannabe pirate Guybrush Threepwood as he tries to become the most infamous man in the Caribbean. The special edition of the title includes contemporary art style presented in 1080p, a remastered musical score, and the seamless transition between special edition and classic modes.

On the other hand, “Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon” is an open world cyber shooter set in a VHS-era of the future. In the game, players become the character of Sgt. Rex Colt, a Mark IV Cyber Commando. The objective is to fight against a cyborg army gone rogue, get the girl, and save the world in the process.