'X-Men: Apocalypse' news, spoilers: Olivia Munn on doing her own stunts


“The Newsroom” actress Olivia Munn, who plays the role of Psylocke in the much-anticipated “X-Men: Apocalypse,” performs some impressive stunts in the upcoming film that, as she recently revealed, she did all by herself. No stunt doubles required.

In an interview with Entertainment Tonight at the recently-held Sci-Tech Awards, the 35-year-old actress said, “That was me from the beginning to the end.”

“That was a really cool thing to feel like when I showed up on set I was like, ‘Oh wait, I can do this! Throw me onto a wire, give me a sword I’m good!'”

The actress also explained why she felt the need to do all of Psylocke’s stunts herself, saying: “Psylocke is such a powerful, lethal character. It was important to me that I was able to do all of the stunts because the more believable it is, the better it is for the audience – and the only way to make it believable is for me to actually do it.”

Munn has previously revealed that to prepare for her role, she trained in Tae Kwon Do, wirework, stunt training, and sword fighting for six or seven hours a day.

In a live Twitter Q&A earlier this month, the actress also shared that the fight scene in “X-Men: Apocalypse” is her favorite from the film and that it took her about two weeks to shoot the scene. She also revealed that she was injured during training and that most of her injuries were self-inflicted.

In the Q&A session, which was held at the Twitter headquarters, Munn also shared that she didn’t have to do much comics-reading as research for her role because she did most of that as a child. The actress recounted how, as children, she and her four siblings were big X-Men fans and would share the comic books. She also told her Twitter fans that during filming, she would call her sister every few days to talk about Psylocke.

In “Apocalypse,” Munn plays the role of Psylocke, a powerful mutant who becomes one of main villain Apocalypse’s (Oscar Isaac) Four Horsemen.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” hits theaters on May 27.