'X-Men: Apocalypse' news: Simon Kinberg details connection of 'Deadpool,' 'Gambit' to X-Men universe


The big screen universe of the X-Men and all other mutants have been known for a long time now to be an entirely separate cinematic universe from the popular Marvel Cinematic Universe, which is owned by Disney’s Marvel Studios, as opposed to the former being owned by 20<sup>th Century Fox. The X-Men cinematic universe has a number of films now, with new ones coming throughout the course of 2016. However, fans and viewers have yet to see the films in the X-Men cinematic universe crossover in one epic film, just like how Marvel Studios did with the blockbuster “The Avengers.”

In a recent interview with JoBlo, producer and writer for the X-Men cinematic universe Simon Kinberg shared how all the films in the entire film franchise will tie together in some way, specifically the most recent yet highly criticized “Fantastic Four,” the upcoming “Deadpool,” and Channing Tatum’s take on the character of Gambit. According to Kinberg, while the films do not exist in a chronological timeline, they all exist in one shared universe, and thus are all part of a “larger fabric.”

“Well, this movie takes space chronologically before those other films, so it’s more like those films have to acknowledge this then we acknowledge Gambit, Deadpool, or Fantastic Four or anything else that exists within the sort of Fox/Marvel universe,” Kinberg said.

He also revealed that the storylines of Deadpool, Gambit, and the world of the Fantastic Four exist in the future of the X-Men timeline. Being a writer, producer, or both for all of the film, Kinberg revealed that the world of Deadpool and Gambit exists in a time that comes after the story of “Days of Future Past” and the events of “X-Men: Apocalypse,” but still share the same single universe.

“The same way that each of us of different ages knows about Nixon and knows about Reagan and knows about 9/11, our fictitious events like the stadium dropping on the White House in 1973 is part of the world in which Gambit, Deadpool, Wolverine on forward exists,” Kinberg added.