'X-Men: Apocalypse' news: Lukewarm reviews rejuvenate talks of mutants coming back to Marvel Studios


Fox has loosened the leash when it comes to their newest superhero flick, “X-Men: Apocalypse” letting a handful of press people enjoy an early showing weeks before it debuts publicly. Unfortunately, reviews coming from the critics were not so much leaning into the positive side that the studio is hoping for. Instead, the film received a mishmash of opinions regarding the overall scheme of the story.

The movie follows the resurgence of the first ever mutant, Apocalypse (Oscar Isaac), back into the fold just when Professor Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) is finding his groove in terms of running his mutant school. The two frontrunners from different eras in the mutant world get pitted against each other as Apocalypse tries to “cleanse” the world with the notion that only the best will be able to survive.

While the story makes sense in an outline, some journalists felt like it was not translated very well to the big screen. The Wrap pointed out that although the movie has been aiming for a grander scale of things, it suffers from monotony with the lack of an interesting villain. The cited problems in the movie go far and beyond Apocalypse’s physicality which director Bryan Singer already acknowledged. What is so disappointing, according to the review, is that the Apocalypse in the comics had so many possibilities with his limitless power and ability, a cornerstone which was not fully capitalized in the flick. 

So far, the rebooted version of the X-Men universe, starting with “First Class” and followed by “Days of Future Past,” has been praised by casual moviegoers and critics reinvigorating the franchise which debuted in the 2000s. But with the lukewarm reception of the trilogy capper, new speculations emerge that Fox will eventually extend their hand to work together with Marvel Studios in an effort to save the IPs. Much like Spider-Man which eventually came back to Marvel after being in Sony Pictures for so long, fans are hoping that the monumental collaboration will eventually happen.

Fox Marvel Universe (FMU) keeper Simon Kinberg previously shared that the notion of the two worlds colliding is exciting. But, he also admitted that it is not in his hands how things will go about in terms of the proposed scenario.

Shall this become the route that FMU will head to, this is great news for Marvel comic book fans who have been longing to see an interaction between the notable mutants and the Avengers.

As of now, everything is still in the rumor mill. Fox still has a slew of projects with the Marvel IPs that they own but it will definitely be interesting to see if the mash-up come into fruition.

“X-Men: Apocalypse” will have its theatrical release on May 27.