X-Men Apocalypse marks start of franchise's 'cosmic' turn, says producer; crossover between 'Gambit' and 'Deadpool' is a go


Latest installment in mutant franchise, “X-Men: Apocalypse,” will alter the tone the viewers have seen in the past movies. From integrating more of science fiction elements in “X-Men: Days of the Future Past” with the protagonists doing time travel, it seems like the upcoming film will be more cosmic.

X-Men producer and screenwriter Simon Kinberg told MTV News in an interview during Toronto International Film Festival that, “I think ‘Days of Future Past’ with time travel and the Sentinels took us into a slightly broader, more science fiction world than the films had occupied in the past. We felt like the movies were ready for something that was slightly more, let’s say, cosmic.”

He added that one of the reasons for the shift is the choice of the main villain, “Once we made the decision for Apocalypse to be the villain at the center of the movie, we wanted to be true to the comics, which are sort of, like you, say, not costume, but it’s not just a guy in a helmet. It is more cosmic.”

Based on the original source materials, Apocalypse who is also known as En Sabah Nur is a mutant who grew up in Ancient Egypt. He came across an alien technology and when he fused with it, he acquired immense powers and longer life.

With Apocalypse deemed to be the link to intergalactic franchise, X-Men follows the newest trend in superhero films such as Marvel Cinematic Universe’s “Thor” and “Guardians of the Galaxy,” DC and Warner Bros. Entertainment’s “Man of Steel” and the recent reboot of Fox’s “Fantastic Four.”

On another note, Kinberg also teased that they are planning to have a crossover between X-Men, “Gambit” and “Deadpool.” He said that it does not necessarily mean that all the characters will appear in one movie but whatever happens in X-Men will be acknowledged, and other worlds will exist within the same rules.

X-Men Apocalypse hits theaters on May 27, 2016.