'X-Men' and 'Deadpool' crossover: Director teases possibility of project


Director Bryan Singer of recently released film “X-Men: Apocalypse” teased that a crossover between the mutant universe and another Marvel superhero in 20th Century Fox, Deadpool, is possible down the pipeline.

During the movie’s press interviews, Singer was asked whether the X-Men can compete with the cinematic universes of Disney’s Marvel and DC to which he replied with, “It’s every bit as large and now that we’ve altered the timeline, there are endless possibilities.”

He continued that a team up between the Merc with a Mouth and the other heroes may happen but it has to be planned, “If you take a character as irreverent and meta as Deadpool and connect him to something as grounded and serious as X-Men, you have to do it carefully and gently.”

“When you drop them them all in together it can be a disaster. That has to be done delicately, but there’s plenty of room to do it,” he added.

Some speculations suggest that if the project is indeed realized, one of the logical ways to combine them will be with use of “X-Force” comics storyline, which is said to be an offshoot of the original “X-Men” franchise. However, it remains to be seen if this comes to fruition.

The box-office hit incarnation of “Deadpool” with Ryan Reynolds became the highest grossing R-rated film of the year. The only X-Men featured in the narrative were Colossus and Negasonic Teenage Warhead.

Reynolds noted that the success is due to the fans, “To be perfectly frank, since the movie became that big, I’ve been insufferable. Look, for me, it’s been an 11-year journey. For this group of people, it’s been six years and change. We’ve all had our ups and downs and our moments.”

“It was like we would be standing at the altar, then it would be off, then it’d be on, then be off. Then finally it happened. Thank God for the internet. Thank God for the fans,” he further elaborated.