WWE Rumors: match between The Undertaker and Sting unlikely; The Deadman going back to 'Bad American' biker again?


The Undertaker is making his presence felt again with an upcoming face-off with Brock Lesnar at a highly-anticipated SummerSlam match.

World Wrestling Entertainment recently hyped up fans’ excitement when they put together five dream opponents for The Deadman.

First is Sheamus, a possible new opponent for The Undertaker. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins was also added to the mix. The unconventional and fearless Luke Harper and NXT’s newest champion “The Demon” Finn Balor were also included in the list.

Lastly but probably the most important one for the fans is a fight against Sting. The report said that 90s nostalgia aside, the two are strikingly similar when it comes to their legendary auras and distinctive presence which are enough to draw more than 100,000 audience for Wrestlemania.

With the CWC being sold out and Sting appearing in WWE, people thought that crossing their paths would be an eventuality. However, the report also noted that the chance for the two Superstars to meet remains low.

The Inquistr mentioned that with The Undertaker showing that he has more things in store in his career, he seemed to revert to his “Bad American A**” biker image from 2000 to 2003.

What added to the speculation was the merchandise shirt WWE recently launched which showed the same skull symbol and tagline “Deadman Inc.” incorporated on the back. The only difference is the skull is on the top of a crucifix, seemingly combining both being The Deadman and the biker.

Before The Undertaker became the sinister-looking dark version of himself, he originally was marketed as a biker on a Harley Davidson motorcycle dressed in a leather vest, blue jeans and a bandana wrapped around his head.

When he returned to WWE Battleground, some of his theatrics and emotions were also noticeably the ones he had used from his prior character.