WWE rumors: NXT Superstar Tyler Breeze could join main roster soon; Shane McMahon to return?


The universe of World Wrestling Entertainment has been the center of a lot of rumors recently for the alleged comeback of some fan-favorite players to try their skills inside and outside of the ring once again.

According to Wrestle Zone, Shane McMahon may return alongside a DVD and a Blu-ray set featuring him, to be released sometime in 2016. He left in 2010 and ventured into different businesses, such as You on Demand in China, that have been successful since.

The 45-year-old veteran and the company are assumed to be in negotiation about the terms of his involvement as the documentary is predicted to feature interviews about his best matches. However, it remains to be seen if it comes to fruition.

Meanwhile, some backstage talks have it that WWE NXT Superstar Tyler Breeze will officially join the main roster in the following weeks. It is expected that his debut will be accompanied with an entrance video and even selfie sticks as parts of the promotion.

Speculations suggest that he may be paired up with Summer Rae, especially now that she is no longer with Rusev. She has also managed him previously during WWE live event in Raleigh, North Carolina.

When it comes to the upcoming segment dubbed “Hell in a Cell,” fans are said to be excited as the night is predicted to have some WWE Legends and surprises in store. However, Roman Reign who is scheduled to face Bryce Wyatt in the upcoming event reportedly received criticisms for his recent “Raw” promo.

During his appearance at the Allstate Arena in Chicago, the audience was chanting “What?” while he addressed them and they can even be heard murmuring “boring” in unison. He also got similar treatment in Cincinnati for Smackdown as the supporters believe that Reign’s promo is longer than usual. His performance in delivering his piece was also deemed to be not that efficient.

No official statement has been made by any of the concerned parties regarding the issue.