'WWE 2K17' roster news: McMahon family confirmed to be in upcoming game


The McMahon family is coming to “WWE 2K17.” In a new tweet, Stephanie McMahon confirmed that she, along with father Vince and brother Shane will be in the upcoming game developed by Yuke’s and Visual Concepts.

McMahon took to Twitter on Tuesday, July 26 and posted photos of her, Shane, and Vince with the “2K17” logo.

Wrestling fans know McMahon as the tough-talking chief brand officer of WWE. As part of a storyline, she was engaged to Triple H, and later she married the pro wrestler on-screen and in real life. The two are parents to three children, daughters Vaughn Evelyn, Murphy Claire, and Aurora Rose.

Last week, the WWE posted a Q&A video of the wrestler on their official YouTube account, which shows a different side of McMahon as compared to her sneering onscreen persona. The 39-year-old talked about her upcoming book, and how her daughters feel about their mother playing a heel.

McMahon said that although they know that she’s playing a character and that every story has a good guy and a bad guy, they don’t understand why she continues to play the villain. However, she admitted that she enjoys playing a heel, and that the more jeers that she gets from the audience, the better it is for her since it’s her job to make the good guy or girl look good.

“The more hated I am, the more I can ultimately make that person look more like a hero,” she explained.

Next Tuesday, Aug. 2, more “WWE 2K17” characters will officially be revealed on IGN, and this will go on for the next five weeks. As with last year, the website will be revealing who’s on the roster via weekly posts, but this year’s reveal will have a slight twist. According to the media outlet, this year’s reveal event will be called the Suplex City Census and the site will get the community involved in the roster reveal.

“WWE 2K17” will be released on Oct. 11 for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Xbox 360, and the Microsoft Windows PC.