'WWE 2K17' release date, news: enhanced Universe Mode teased by game designer


With a brand-new iteration of the professional wrestling video game franchise, “WWE 2K17,” a couple of familiar but enhanced features are coming gamers’ way. One of which is the improved Universe Mode described as “an experience based on the WWE shows and events, with WWE Superstars competing against each other in rivalries and for championships, in settings where anything can happen all year round.”

Cristo Kyriazis, the designer in charge of the Universe Mode, took to the official “WWE 2K17” website to preview the new game feature which would hopefully have fans more stoked for the release of the upcoming title.

“From the intro video to the soundtrack, the pyro, an arena packed with a roaring crowd and the opening lines from Michael Cole, we have it all! We wanted to step up the presentation for every show in Universe to get as close as the WWE TV experience as possible not just for the WWE shows, but for your own custom shows as well. Our team put a lot of work into this presentation, and I think it really shows.”

It also appears that on top of making the mode more interesting, folks behind the forthcoming title also took the opinions of players from last year on what they wanted to see in the new Universe Mode. This includes additional support for the Run-Ins. Kyriazis shared that with “WWE 2K17,” fans will be able to have the power to choose when a run-in can happen. However, he forewarned that the decision is not solely based on one’s choice as other players’ take on the matter will also be considered.

Adding to the thrill of being able to customize the Universe Mode is also leaving some sort of gray area with how things will pan out which will be out of the player’s control.

“How a Superstar is going to react to losing his or her match, how desperate a Superstar is to win that coveted championship, what a Superstar will do when confronted by his or her hated rival,” Kyriazis explained, adding that storylines between rivals will be specifically exciting as it will continue to evolve.

“WWE 2K17” features legendary wrestler and mixed martial artist Brock Lesnar on the cover. It will arrive on the PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360 and Xbox One on Oct. 11.