'WWE 2K17' release date, roster: Smaller roster than '2K16'? Goldberg to be included?


Wrestling fans are itching to get back and play their idols from the World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) with the newest video game iteration in the game series, “WWE 2K17.” However, reports suggest a smaller pool of characters for the game.

For its predecessor, “WWE 2K16”, both the WWE and game developers Take-Two Interactive built the hype on the foundation that the title carried the biggest roster ever seen in the genre. When the game released, it featured a whopping 120 characters right off the bat and that number went up to 150 after downloadable contents were released.

For “WWE 2K17,” the roster of characters to be featured in the game might end up smaller. According to The Bit Bag, the possibility of a smaller character pool exists because of the fact that the WWE has recently let go of a good chunk of its stable.

Among the notable names released by the company are Wade Barret, Damien Sandow, Cameron, and Ryback. Cage Side Seats reported that Cody Rhodes, better known as Stardust, has also been released by the WWE after Rhodes expressed dissatisfaction at what was happening to his character and requested for the company to release him.

With their real life counterparts released by the WWE, it is unlikely that the digital versions will remain in the video game series. On the plus side, the removal of the more famous names allows for the newer guys to take the stage. With more spots opened for “WWE 2k17,” wrestlers like AJ Styles, Becky Lynch, Shinsuke Nakamura, Austin Aries, and others have a better chance of getting in.

On the other hand, rumors also suggest that an older wrestler for the WWE might also be featured in the game. Semi-retired star Bill Goldberg was asked by a fan on Twitter about his possible inclusion in “WWE 2K17.” Goldberg only admitted to hearing about the rumor, but did not outright confirm or deny his involvement indicating the possibility exists.

As for when the game will be launched, Take-Two Interactive’s financial report revealed a release date sometime in October, though no specific date was given.