'WWE 2k17' release date news: Game confirmed for October launch; 2K Sports roll out collaboration with fans in terms of content


Much like any simulated sport that they publish, 2K Sports will release the latest version of the World Wrestling Entertainment video game also known as “WWE 2k17.” Fans can expect the launch during the latter half of the year, sometime around October.

Its predecessor, “WWE 2K16,” has been on the market for over a year now and was met by mixed to positive reviews according to game reviewing website, Metacritic. While it did pretty well on its own, the video game company is rumored to be working on the lapses of the latest iteration of the game with an effort to collaborate with its market.

With a confirmed October drop, speculation has it WW 2K17 will be expected to be announced during this year’s GameCome 2016. Usually, the game will be officially announced shortly before it gets a public debut date. The game roster, as well as its featured cover, will then follow.

Last week, 2K Sports has utilized their official community forum to announce that they will be cherry picking ideas raised by fans and incorporate them in the upcoming title.

Move aficionados and creators, we want to see your take on move-sets for your favorite Superstars from WWE 2K16,” the post read. “This is your chance to let us know what you want to see in future games by uploading your take to WWE 2K16 Community Creations for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, or PC.”

The submitted entries will be the subject of opinion of other community members and they will be based by points system which will come down by “downloading and voting on their move-sets.”

Submission started last week when the announcement was made via “uploading content to WWE 2K16 Community Creations for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC.” Contributors would have to send their pitches before June 30 which is when 2K Games will stop reviewing submitted suggestions. Despite having more than a month, the company encourages early uploads to have the community take a close look at the content and eventually grow a following.

With a confirmed launch date and somehow a promise that “WWE 2K17” is striving to be better, fans of the wrestling video game can expect only better things to come from it.