'WWE 2K17' release date: 2K Games wants fans to design new move sets


2K Games, game developer of the long running sports gaming franchise “WWE 2K,” is looking into the future of the franchise as they intend to work on improving the move set mechanics and gameplay movement systems. This time, they do not intend to do it alone as they are asking for the help of the fan base of the “WWE 2K” series and the gaming community.

In their latest community post on the official 2K Games forums, the game developer acknowledged the milestone that was reached by the most recent release in the series, “WWE 2K16,” which they proudly proclaimed as the game with the biggest roster of fighters.

However, they also acknowledged one flaw that will certainly be a turning point factor in delivering a more realistic gaming experience in their future titles.

“‘WWE 2K16’ contained the largest roster in the history of WWE games, and while our designers worked hard to make each Superstar’s move-set feel unique and apt, we know there are some of you who feel like the game’s move-sets could still be improved,” the game developer said. “And though our team is full of lifelong wrestling fans, we know we’re not the only experts out there. With the WWE 2K Community’s combined support and knowledge, we believe we can collaborate effectively in creating the most authentic move-sets ever for future ‘WWE 2K’ games.”

Fans and players can now create their own move sets for the wrestlers in the game. Interested players can submit their creations to be reviewed by the Community to the WWE 2K16 Community Creations for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Submission will end on June 30.

If a player’s submission wins, the move sets will be used, but 2K warned that the submitted move sets may be changed a little, if used, in the final release.