'WWE 2K17' release: Brock Lesnar is the cover athlete


The featured World Wresting Entertainment (WWE) athlete that will grace the cover of “WWE 2K17” has finally been confirmed as Brock Lesnar. The announcement came earlier this week from 2K Sports.

Alongside the revelation, the cover of the annually released title has also been published. Lesnar has become the first athlete who is not only a professional wrestler but an Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) title holder as well to be the main feature of the video game.

It turns out that the while the official press release had just come out on Monday, some media outlets have already known since Friday. This is thanks to a conference call with Paul Heyman, a well-known Lesnar fan.

As for the 38-year-old combat athlete, he has nothing but gratitude for the milestone. In a statement passed out by 2K Sports, Lesnar said, “My career has been defined by dominating every opportunity presented to me.” He adds, “I am excited for my newest opportunity representing ‘WWE 2K17’ as the franchise’s ambassador and honored to serve as the ‘WWE 2K17’ cover Superstar.”

The cover couldn’t have been rolled out at a better time as Lesnar is also gearing up for his much anticipated return to the caged octagon via UFC 200 next month. He is set to face Mark Hunt after over a year since “closing the door on MMA” (Mixed Martial Arts).

Peers and colleagues soon gave their own two cents on the matter supporting the idea. This includes WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross. He published a lengthy post on his website, JR’s Bar-B-Q, which touched on a number of relevant issues like John Cena’s 14th year in the WWE, and of course, Lesnar as the face of “WWE 2K17.”

“Not shocked to see Brock Lesnar on the cover of ‘WWE 2K17’ because Lesnar ‘sells.’ No matter the outcome of his UFC 200 fight with heavy handed Mark Hunt, Lesnar is arguably 1 or 1A as it relates to the top stars in WWE,” Ross wrote. “By being real, Lesnar doesn’t have to ‘act’ like a pro wresters on TV character and can focus on being authentic which enhances his image within the show biz oriented pro wrestling genre.”

“WWE 2K17” is set to drop on Oct. 11 for the Xbox One, Xbox 360, PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.