'WWE 2K17' release date news: NXT Enhancement Pack release schedule confuses players


Fans and players of the hit wrestling video game franchise “WWE 2K,” more specifically the latest game in the series, “WWE 2K17,” were recently confused by the system of distribution for the game’s new content, which is part of the much awaited “WWE 2K17 NXT Edition.”

The new “WWE 2K17 NXT Edition,” just like NXT Edition of previous iterations, is a special and limited edition game package of “WWE 2K17” that includes not only the game itself, but other premium and exclusive physical collectible items, as well as additional in-game content that will be added in through the NXT Enhancement Pack.

For this edition of the NXT Enhancement Pack, NXT Superstars that would be coming in as playable characters include Shinsuke Nakamura, Nia Jax and Apollo Crews. Players who have bought the game’s NXT Edition, naturally, would be able to make use of the set of new playable characters the moment they get their copy of the game.

However, 2K Games’ system of release for those who have not bought the NXT Edition of the game may have left some players confused, specifically with regard to the reasoning and the method implemented for the release plans.

For players who are on the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, they can still avail of the NXT Enhancement Pack that contains the new downloadable content (DLC) characters. 2K said that PlayStation 4 and Xbox One players who purchase the standard “WWE 2K17” will have the chance to purchase the DLC separately, however, it would not be available until later this year, with its release window still unspecified.

On the other hand, players who purchase “WWE 2K17” for the PlayStation 3 and the Xbox 360 would be able to purchase the NXT Enhancement Pack DLC as soon as the game itself becomes available on launch day.

2K Games has yet to give further clarification about this matter.