'WWE 2K16' DLC update: Hall of Fame Showcase live stream


2K Games recently hosted a live stream with WWE/NXT superstar Samoa Joe. The live stream showcased the recently released “WWE 2K16” Hall of Fame Showcase DLC.

The live stream (video below) lasted for nearly an hour. One highlight of the live stream is Samoa Joe playing the game as himself versus Sami Zayn. The professional wrestling video game match ended with a victorious Joe doing a sit-down sleeper hold. The gameplay video also showed off some tag team action with a match between the Outsiders and Harlem Heat. Joe and the developers also showed fans more of the new DLC’s gameplay with a fight between The Rock and Rikishi, which is one of the featured matches in the Hall of Fame expansion pack.

The “WWE 2K16” Hall of Fame DLC is the last DLC for the game and was released on Tuesday, Feb. 23. The expansion pack features a total of 20 Hall of Famers in seven playable matches that can take place in six brand-new arenas. Through these matches, players can recreate actual and iconic WWE fights as well as engage in a dream match, such as the match between Paige and Alundra Blayze.

The Hall of Fame DLC is sold separately for $9.99. It is also included in the “WWE 2K16” Season Pass worth $24.99. The Season Pass also grants access to last month’s Future Stars Pack and the rest of the previously released DLCs: Accelerator, Legends Pack, and New Moves Pack.

Although “WWE 2K16’s” DLC campaign ended with the Hall of Fame expansion pack, WWE and 2K fans can look forward to more WWE games being released in the future. The publisher and the entertainment company previously entered a new multi-year deal. There is no information yet about these future games, so fans will have to stay tuned for future announcements.