'World War Z 2' rumors: Story to get more inspirations from novel, new scriptwriter and director


Back in 2013, the movie “World War Z” premiered with mixed reviews from fans and critics alike. The consensus critic review in Rotten Tomatoes indicates that the story has veered a bit from the novel but still managed to bring some fresh scenes in its genre.

As for viewers, a fair number of audience expressed their interest on the film. Regardless of the differing opinion, the film has grossed $540 million worldwide as the highest earning zombie movie as of now and is slated for a sequel.

Earlier this year, Steven Knight, one of the writers of the first film, discussed with Collider what he liked the most about “World War Z.”

He revealed, “I think the beauty of the first film was the way that it never paused for breath. It never spent a moment thinking, ‘Hang on a minute, we’d better tell the audience what this is all about.’ It stayed in the moment, it stayed with that person.”

Although The Hollywood Reporter confirms that British writer Dennis Kelly has been tapped to pen the upcoming sequel, “World War Z 2” may still infuse the same element described by Knight in the upcoming film, along with his own style.

Meanwhile, the upcoming film will also see a new director as J.A. Bayona is set to take “World War Z 2” under his wings. Nonetheless, the sequel will see the return of Brad Pitt to reprise his role as Gerry Lane.

As for its storyline, there are rumors that “World War Z 2” may not pick up from the story left off in the first film, said Christian Today. However, it will try to incorporate more stories and scenes from the novel written by Max Brooks, entitled “World War Z,” where the first movie was adapted from.

“World War Z 2” is set to hit the theatres on June 9, 2017.