'World of Final Fantasy' release date, news: demo coming next week


The upcoming role-playing video game, “World of Final Fantasy” is finally releasing a demo right before its official release later this month. Game developer Square Enix made the announcement, saying that the demo will be intended for the Sony PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

Based on previous reports, “World of Final Fantasy” is expected to be a complete reversal of the latest trend in the “Final Fantasy” gaming franchise since it will be making a return to the traditional and literally old gameplay. Accordingly, the upcoming game will be focused on turn-based battles while using the Active Time Battle system which the game series is known for.

Per report from VG247, the upcoming demo will be featuring the game’s main protagonists in Lann and Reynn as they are seen in their Lilikin and Jiant forms. They will reportedly be meeting up with several old characters from the “Final Fantasy” world, including Cloud, Squall, and Lightning.

One good reason why fans of the “Final Fantasy” game franchise would want their hands on this demo is because finishing it will come with an interesting reward the unlocking of Magitek Armor P in the Coliseum. This may be carried over once the full version of the game is released and made available.

For Square Enix, the decision to release a demo only several days away from the official release date is kind of awkward and surprising since most upcoming game titles would release a demo months before the full game is made available. According to Techno Buffalo, this could be because the game developer is under the impression that knowledge about the game isn’t as widespread as they would have wanted, hence the last-ditch effort to stir up interest from gamers.

The demo for the “World of Final Fantasy” is up for grabs starting Oct. 17, while the full game is expected to be made available on Oct. 25.