'Wonder Woman' solo film could be set during World War I; Eva Green and Sean Bean reportedly in line to play villains


The upcoming Wonder Woman solo film will cast former Miss Israel and “Fast and Furious” star Gal Gadot in the title role. 

As for her enemies, Heroic Hollywood reports that Sean Bean and Eva Green are being considered to play two of Wonder Woman’s major rivals. The villains will be based on Greek mythology. Sean Bean, notable for playing Ned Stark in “Game of Thrones” and Boromir in “The Lord of the Rings” series, is being eyed for the role of Ares, the God of War. Green, on the other hand is rumored to play Circe, the Sorceress. The “Penny Dreadful” actress was also an antagonist in the 2014 movie “300: Rise of an Empire,” starring as Artemisia.

Most DC films take place in the present day. However Heroic Hollywood reports that the first part of the new “Wonder Woman” film will take place during World War I, unlike the comics and the beginning of the 70s TV series, which were set during World War II. The rest film may then fast forward to the present day, around the events of “Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice.”

If the filmmakers follow this timeline, Wonder Woman could be among the oldest superheroes on screen. During “Batman Vs. Superman: Dawn of Justice,” Wonder Woman might clock in at over a hundred years old. She will, however, retain her appearance as she is a demigod. This approach is reminiscent of 1970s hit TV series starring Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman.

The show’s first season featured Wonder Woman fighting Nazis with Colonel Steve Trevor (also her love interest) in World War II. Season 2 then moved forward 30 years and showed Diana in working with Trevor’s son Steve Jr in the present-day. According to The Wrap, Chris Pine will star as Steve Trevor in the upcoming Wonder Woman film. Pine is also set to appear in DC’s “Green Lantern Corps.”

Producer Deborah Snyder has also confirmed that the Wonder Woman standalone movie will begin shooting this November in London.  Wonder Woman will also appear in the Justice League movie, which commences production in spring 2016.

The Wonder Woman standalone film hits cinemas in June 23, 2017. Wonder Woman will make her DC film debut in “Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice” slated to come out on March 25, 2016.