'Wonder Woman' movie rumors, updates: Chris Pine starring as at least two Trevors; lid lifted on Said Taghmaoui's superhero role?


French-American actor Said Taghmaoui posted Monday on Instagram a photo of himself with actor Chris Pine (“Star Trek”), who was wearing old-fashioned World-War-One-era clothes, in what appears to be an early set photo of the movie “Wonder Woman.” Fans awaiting the release of the upcoming film are given a peak into the possibility that Pine may play multiple  most probably two  roles in “Wonder Woman,” something that is substantiated by a report in Heroic Hollywood. 

According to Heroic Hollywood, not only will the actor be playing Diana Prince’s modern-day love interest Steve Trevor, a role he was earlier cast for, but also Trevor’s grandfather, or logically speaking, an older relative, a great-grandfather possibly or an ancestor from a much older generation, considering the span of time between periods in the movie. This would make sense in view of earlier rumors discussed in Den of the Greek that the movie will be set in multiple timelines aside from the modern present: ancient times in Diana’s Themyscira home and World War One, the year 1916 in particular. 

Heroic Hollywood goes on to describe the would-be plot for the World War One section of the movie where Trevor’s grandfather  or whichever older relative it will be somehow crashes in Diana’s (Gal Gadot) island. Grandpa Trevor dies in this segment but not before he gets to show her the world outside the confines of Themyscira and gives her a hand in the defeat of Ares. 

The modern-day Trevor, who looks just like the World War One Trevor, assists Diana again in her fight against Ares. That’s how Pine is said to be playing both roles. 

As for Taghmaoui, he will be playing a superhero in the new movie, speculated to be Dan Garrett, the Blue Beetle. The hero’s origin is said to be Egypt where he, as an archaeologist, got his power from a blue scarab. 

Taghmaoui revealed as much to French magazine Ultra, saying, “I’ll be playing a superhero, but details are still under wraps. I can’t tell you much. I was among hundreds of potential candidates, and I slowly became the favorite. It wasn’t easy. It took me three months.” 

Production of the first female-led superhero film in the DC Extended Universe is underway in Rickmansworth, England, with a June 23, 2017 release date. “Wonder Woman” is being directed by Patty Jenkins and the screenplay written by Jason Fuchs.