'Wonder Woman' news, spoilers: Film wraps London shoot; Ben Affleck on how Wonder Woman 'inspires' Batman


“Wonder Woman,” the upcoming superhero film starring Gal Gadot as the Amazon princess Diana Prince/Wonder Woman, has reportedly wrapped up production in London.

On Sunday, March 13, actor Stephen Karl, who apparently performed at the production’s wrap party, posted a photo from the event on Twitter. According to ComicBook.com, while the film is done with principal photography in London, “Wonder Woman” is expected to continue filming in Italy.

Meanwhile, Ben Affleck, who makes his cinematic debut as Batman in less than two weeks, recently spoke about how Wonder Woman affects the Dark Knight in the upcoming “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” in which Gadot makes her own cinematic debut as the Amazonian superheroine.

As the actor told Entertainment Weekly, Wonder Woman, who completes the DC comic trinity, helps Batman fend off his cynicism and actually “inspires” him.

“It inspires in him the idea that well, if there’s one of these kinds of people out there, then maybe there are in fact more,” Affleck told EW. “You’ve got to remember that Batman is the world’s greatest detective, and if he suspects that there may be more, and if he suspects in particular that Diana may be somebody special, he gets inspired.”

Chris Terrio, who co-wrote the screenplay for “Batman v Superman” and is working on the screenplay for the two-part “Justice League” films, also recently spoke about Wonder Woman. In an interview with Empire, Terrio explained why the character is introduced as a civilian in “Batman v Superman” instead of just having her zoom in as Wonder Woman.

“The fun of it is if you don’t immediately reveal her in superhero guise, you get to revel in the moment when she finally does reveal herself,” he said.

“Wonder Woman” is set to open in 2017. Prior to that, Gadot makes her Wonder Woman debut in “Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice,” where she co-stars with Affleck and Henry Cavill (Superman), on March 25.