'Wonder Woman' news: Chris Pine weighs in on difference between a female superhero lead to a male one


DC might be exerting much effort when it comes to their two blockbuster releases namely “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice” and “Suicide Squad.” However, the reimagining of Wonder Woman is also picking up some steam a year before its big screen debut.

Starring Gal Gadot as Wonder Woman and Chris Pine as the superheroine’s pilot love interest, Captain Steve Trevor, the story will transport viewers back to the First World War. The movie is not an origin story as it has already been revealed that the character is already 5,000 years old. It will interesting to see how DC will present Wonder Woman’s overall story.

In a recent interview with Pine while gracing the cover of DuJour magazine, he talked about his character who he described as Wonder Woman’s “Partner in crime… who falls in love with her.”

“Action is so synonymous with violence and revenge and eye-for-an-eye,” Pine stated. “The masculine footprint in the world is so violent and obviously it hasn’t really gotten us anywhere.”

“A woman at the forefront naturally leads with this compassion, and [is about] giving life instead of taking life,” he added.

“To have a strong woman who represents those qualities, I think we can start injecting this world with a little bit more of the ideology of compassion, love and positive moral strength rather than something destructive.”

While there is still a lot left to explore and speculate on Wonder Woman’s story, she might just be the one that DC is waiting for as an anchor to finally get in equal playing field with Marvel. Though some may argue that the Batman and Superman movies have also been going on for years, there is just no continuity in DC’s storytelling, which effectively takes away the possibility of building a massive franchise. With Wonder Woman coming into the picture, she brings a different kind of superhero that Marvel has not yet tapped into, a female, top billing superhero.

Fans can first get introduced to the sword and shield wielding princess in March 25<sup>th‘s “Batman v. Superman: Dawn of Justice, ” before fully diving into her world in “Wonder Woman” which will come out on June 23, 2017.