'Wonder Woman' movie rumors: more information on possible plot, villains


The DC Extended Universe, starting subtly with Man of Steel, and going big immediately with the upcoming Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, will also be having a standalone film for DC’s mythological hero, Wonder Woman.

Not much is known about the specifics of the films, aside from the fact that it will star Gal Gadot as the titular hero and her alter ego Diana Prince, and playing opposite her will be Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Patty Jenkins will be directing the film, with a screenplay written by Jason Fuchs.

In a collected report of rumors by JoBlo.com, rumors regarding the plot, settings, and the characters that will be appearing in the upcoming film have been discussed. According to the report, rumor has it that the film will be taking on two different sides of Wonder Woman’s storyone that is set in World War I, and another that is set in the present day.

As for the villains, Ares and Circe are expected to come as villains, with Ares being the real mastermind behind everything. Both characters will sport a look that closely resembles the source material while having the applicable modifications for the film. Additionally, fans can expect more of mythological aspects coming to the films such as creatures, powers, and even a possible visit to Olympus. Sean Bean and Eva Green are rumored to take on the role of Ares and Circe, respectively.

The story is said to take place before the events of Batman v Superman, where at some point in the film, Batman will be meeting Wonder Woman which will, in some way, lead to her appearance in the BvS film. The story is said to take on Diana Prince and Steve Trevor as they try to stop the sinister plans of Ares through the manipulation of Circe into starting a World War III. It is still unknown how Batman’s appearance could fit in, but his presence was strongly suggested in the film.

Wonder Woman opens June 23, 2017.