Wonder Woman movie news: Chris Pine will star as Wonder Woman love interest Steve Trevor, not the Green Lantern


Contrary to earlier rumors, Star Trek actor Chris Pine is not going to be taking over Ryan Reynolds former role as Green Lantern.

Instead, the actor playing James T. Kirk in the rebooted science fiction series will be playing the Wonder Woman’s love interest.

According to The Wrap, Pine has reportedly closed the deal with Warner Bros. for him to take on the role of Steve Trevor in the upcoming “Wonder Woman” film, which will be released on June 23, 2017.

In addition, he has signed an agreement for not only one film, but multiple pictures.

Fans Share added that the deal could see the role of Steve Trevor, with Pine in the bill, play a very important role in the DC Expanded Universe.

Earlier rumors hinted at the the possibility that Pine will be playing the lead role in Green Lantern, replacing Ryan Reynolds for the rebooted movie that will be part of the new DC universe. Cinema Blend claimed that the actor had been offered both the role of Hal Jordan, the alter ego of the Green Lantern, and the role of Steve Trevor.

The website BirthMoviesDeath even went on to claim that Pine is “leaning” towards accepting the role to play the new Green Lantern in what would have been a reboot movie after the film starring Reynolds failed in the box office.

iO9 had a very interesting insight on the role that Pine will be playing in the Wonder Woman film. The website said that the role of Steve Trevor is not somebody that the strongest woman in DC’s universe will have to continually rescue every time. This is because Pine will have plenty of action scenes to keep him busy in the upcoming film.

According to the Latino Post, Steve Trevor is an intelligence officer in World War II that was rescued by  Wonder Woman after a plane crash left him stranded in Paradise Island where the heroine lived. After nursing Trevor back to health,  Wonder Woman decided to follow Trevor back to his world.