'Wolverine 3' spoilers, cast news: Boyd Holbrook to play Donald Pierce in 'Logan'


A lot of details regarding the upcoming “Wolverine” film have been revealed lately. The public now knows that the film is going to be called “Logan” and it is going to premiere in March 2017. Plot details also came out which hinted that the film is going to take place in 2024 with an older Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) slowly losing his healing abilities. But who is he going to face? That question has finally been answered.

The wponx Instagram account recently posted a photo of actor Boyd Holbrook sitting in a car with the caption “Pierce.” Fans were quick to note that Holbrook’s character has to be Donald Pierce, a frequent enemy of Wolverine and leader of the Reavers in the comic books. The Wrap says the film version of the character is the head of security for Transigen.

The publication also revealed that an insider told them Richard E. Grant will be portraying Dr. Zander Rice, the scientist behind the organization. In the comics, Rice’s father worked for Weapon X before he was killed by Wolverine. Years later, Rice became part of a project that was tasked to recreate the procedure that gave Wolverine his adamantium skeleton and claws. The project was a success and a clone of Wolverine was made.

The next big reveal is actually connected with this project. The Wrap’s source also said that the young girl on the poster holding hands with Wolverine is named Laura. Guess who’s a clone of Logan named Laura? X-23. The publication says Sienna Novikov is going to be playing the character.

Sadly, The Wrap’s source stated that Mr. Sinister is not going to appear in the upcoming film. A lot of publications thought Grant was going to portray the character, especially after the rumors of Sinister appearing in the third “Wolverine” film first came out. However, there is still a possibility that the character may appear in a post-credits scene.

“Logan” will premiere on March 3, 2017.