'Wolverine 3' spoilers: Sources claim Reavers to appear in film


Currently slated for a release early next year, the still unofficially titled “Wolverine 3” film is now in the early stages of production and more news about the film’s possible cast just surfaced.

It was previously reported that the film will have at least two principal antagonists. Deadline reported in early April that “Narcos” star Boyd Holbrook would be playing a new character in the film, slated as the head of security for a worldwide company. Later that month, it was reported by The Hollywood Reporter that Richard E. Grant was also cast as another one of the film’s villains, this time allegedly a mad scientist. Neither character has been named as aside from the casting, no further details about the characters have been released.

Now, the Nerdist reported that the film will have other antagonists aside from Holbrook and Grant’s characters. Sources close to the film’s production claimed that the Reavers will be making an appearance in the film. In the source material, the comics’ Reavers are mutant-hating cyborgs with a particular brand of hate for the X-Men and even more so for Wolverine.

The Reaver name has been used by more than one group of antagonists, with all of them being comprised of cyborgs. The first Reaver team was comprised of cyborg thieves who operated out of an underground base in Northern Central Australia. They ended up getting destroyed by the X-Men, but some of their survivors reassembled as part of a second team of Reavers led by Donald Pierce.

Being a cyborg himself, Pierce used his mechanical aptitude to bolster the Reavers and turned them into his own cyborg army with a vendetta against all mutants. The fact that Grant’s character is alleged to be a villainous character with an inclination for the sciences suggest that Grant will be playing Donald Pierce, which means that Logan will have at least two major groups in the film.

Currently without an official title, “Wolverine 3” has just entered production and is slated to be Hugh Jackman’s final tenure as Wolverine. The film is slated to be released on March 3, 2017.