'Wolverine 3' news: Hugh Jackman on 'Old Man Logan'


“Wolverine” star Hugh Jackman recently made known in an interview that he is familiar with the story of the “Old Man Logan” comic book, but he still denied to give any confirmation or debunk the long running rumor regarding the storyline of his upcoming and final film as the Wolverine.

A long running rumor about the upcoming third “Wolverine” film is that it would follow the comic book story of “Old Man Logan.” Actor Hugh Jackman already announced that this upcoming film would be his final stint as the iconic mutant.

Jackman repeatedly teased in the past the possible take of the film on the “Old Man Logan” comic book story. While the people at 20<sup>th Century Fox are yet to confirm whether the upcoming film would really be adapting the comic book storyline or not, Jackman revealed that he had read the comic book and is familiar with it.

In a recent interview with MTV International, the actor said that he is not only familiar with “Old Man Logan,” but he read the comic book. However, he denied to give comments about “Wolverine 3,” as he believes that the excitement is in not knowing what is coming.

“I’ve read that one yeah, of course, I’ve read pretty much all of them over the years,” he said. “But I have read that, yeah, but I cannot confirm or deny. It would be no fun if you knew what it was all about.”

The original story of the “Old Man Logan” comic book event was written by Mark Millar. It depicts an old and aged Wolverine in a dystopian future wherein most of the heroes of the Marvel Universe are dead and long gone, and the villains have already won and taken rule over the planet. The story brings the old man Logan together with a blind Hawkeye as they embark on one last fight to take down The Hulk and the Red Hulk.

“Wolverine 3” hits theaters on March 3, 2017.