'Wolverine 3' news: 'R' rating for Hugh Jackman's last outing as the superhero


With the overwhelming success of “Deadpool” despite its “R” rating, FOX is reportedly open for another “R” rated release in “Wolverine 3.”

A report by ComicBook.com reveals that 20<sup>th Century Fox is targeting an “R” rating for Hugh Jackman’s last project as the scruffy superhero. The media outlet points to a pamphlet that was given during this year’s Toy Fair where information about “Wolverine 3” is printed on. In it, the logo for “Wolverine” can be seen and various information about the movie like its theatrical and home entertainment release date, director, and cast members were printed. However, the most notable of it all is the anticipated rating which is “R.”

It can be remembered that way back in 2013, Jackman was already pondering about the thought of making his last standalone “Wolverine” movie rated “R”

“By the way, they were open to that idea because if you’re ever going to make a real character R-rated, Wolverine’s the one,” he said at the time. But to hear him tell it at the time, he eventually decided not to exclude the character’s younger fans. “And I just said, ‘In the end, actually, everything we wanted to do with an R-rated version, we are doing in terms of who the character is,'” he revealed to Slash Film while filming the second of his solo movie, “The Wolverine” in Sydney.

With this, it is curious to know whether the idea of a non PG-13 Wolverine movie came about before or after “Deadpool’s” massive success both in the box office and in critics’ ratings.

As of now, information about the movie is still very scarce but some sources believe that it will be based on the “Old Man Logan” story which will follow a retired Wolverine going on a road trip through a dystopian, super villain-filled future. As previously reported, Jackman has said that filming is “sooner rather than later” and that he has already gotten the script. Furthermore, speculations of Professor Charles Xavier (Patrick Stewart) playing a vital role in the movie have also been going around.

“Wolverine 3” is set to hit theaters next year.