Witcher 3 potion making tips: Witcher Sense can help locate the potions


Matt Espineli of Gamespot assembled a useful set of tips to craft potions in Witcher 3: Wild Hunt and how to maximize their effects.

According to Matt, the best place to start crafting potions is in the game’s first area, which has most of the ingredients needed to create most of the potions in the game.

In order to find all the herbs that can be collected in any environment, Matt suggests using the Witcher Sense to locate the herbs so that one can harvest them. In addition, it is highly recommended to visit The Herbalist, who will give players all the herbs they can find outside of her cottage for free. The farmland in the village also has free herbs that players can loot.

Some ingredients for potions are rare and hard to find. Players will need to go the extra mile to seek out secret treasure caches whenever they are not battling monsters to find rare ingredients like Dwarven Spirit.

Stocking up on hard liquor can also help out, Matt said, as they will fully replenish potions, oils and bombs in a player’s inventory when they are used in meditation.

A reviewer at Christian Today also recommended stocking up on White Honey potions. The potions will decrease or totally eliminate toxicity, a side effect of using potions on Geralt, the protagonist of the game.

White Honey potions can be created using one Dwarven Spirit and one Honeysuckle, which The Herbalist sells at 47 coins a piece.

Barely a month after its release, Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is already picking up excellent reviews from gamers.

The game, has described by Attack of the Fanboy as the new “measuring stick” for how graphics should be done in a videogame because of its excellent graphics. 

Dave Thier at Forbes also had positive reviews for Wild Hunt, saying that the developers have done a good job framing the entire game on the main storyline.