Witcher 3 Gwent Cards: first come, first served with limited stocks of Physical Gwent cards


Good news for hard core fans of the Witcher series as Project RED announced that it will be releasing a physical version of Gwent cards in time with the release its Witcher 3 expansion pack Hearts of Stone.

The bad news is, it will not be widely available as it only comes in limited stock so fans who want to get their hands on the cards need to act fast.

Gwent cards were initially introduced The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt as cards embedded in the game but the positive feedback from the fans prompted the decision to create the special boxed version complete with two physical decks.

According to the instructions posted on the Gwent Redeem site, the item will be available to gamers who bought the Expansion Pass in digital format. All they need to do is use the code they received upon purchase and go to http://www.witcherstore.com.

The site also outlines the process of getting the code. However, it warned that the code itself is not a guarantee that all orders will be filled as it will be done on a first come first served basis due to the availability of stocks.

Meanwhile, for fans curious to know how senior designer Damien Monnier came up with the idea of Gwent, it is interesting to know that the designer actually had the inspiration while he was taking a bath.

In an interview with Kotaku, Monnier shared that as he was tasked to come up with a game that could be similar to the dice poker game in Witcher 2 for Witcher 3, he took a nice long bath where he came up with the basic concept of the game.

“You have a number that’s higher than the other person’s number, then you have things that will affect that number. Some cards double it, some cards lower it, and ultimately the challenge comes from the initial hand. So, it’s about managing your initial hand and bluffing.”

And the rest is history.