Winds of Winter release date: White Walkers may breach the Wall; fans still waiting for release date


Although the release date for the sixth Game of Thrones book, Winds of Winter, remains unannounced, there are already fan speculations on the book’s plot.

One popular speculations, The International Business Times reported, is that the Wall protecting Westeros from the outside could finally be destroyed.

The speculation further pointed to the White Walkers as the likely and most logical culprit of the Wall’s destruction.

An article at News Every Day stated that the prediction says the death of Jon Snow at the hands of Night’s Watch conspirators at the end of Book Five presents the best opportunity for the White Walkers to present themselves as the greatest threat to Westeros.

At the end of Book Five, “A Dance With Dragons” as well as the end of season five in the HBO series, Jon Snow was assassinated by members of the Night’s Watch who were disappointed by his election as Lord Commander.

According to the article, the prediction argued that the White Walkers cannot be taken seriously as a threat if they don’t take advantage of the confusion in the North caused by Snow’s death to assail the wall and destroy it to gain entry to Westeros.

While this remains speculation until confirmed by George R.R. Martin, a statement by the author to Entertainment Weekly in April did indicate that there will be a huge plot twist in Winds of Winter or upcoming books in the franchise.

“This is going to drive your readers crazy,” he teased during the interview. “But I love it. I’m still weighing whether to go that direction or not. It’s a great twist.”

Despite the threat of the White Walkers, Martin mentioned that he doesn’t want an apocalyptic ending where the Walkers will consume everyone and everything in Westeros.

Instead, he told a correspondent of the New York Observer that he wants to end the series with a “bittersweet victory” similar in tone to the ending of The Lord of the Rings.