'Winds of Winter' release date: Still no words from George R.R. Martin; 'Game of Thrones' cast members may have already seen manuscript


Author George RR.. Martin has been known to be adamant in keeping the plot of his books secret to fans. With the waiting game for the release of his sixth novel titled “Winds of Winter” as part of the book saga “A Song of Fire and Ice” still on, a lot of speculations have been circulating online on whether he may be able to publish the novel sometime next year.

Fans are assuming that since HBO announced that the sixth season of its widely popular series “Game of Thrones” will return to the small screen in April for season 6, the arrival of the book is also imminent.

Even though it is not clear yet if creators D.B. Weiss and David Benioff got their hands on the source material or if they will head towards a different direction, there are hearsays that the members of the cast have been seen with what could be the book’s manuscript on their hands.

When it comes to the reason why Martin seems to be taking more time in finishing the sequel to 2011’s “A Dance with Dragons,” he reportedly revealed before that it was either due to distractions or his usual routine when writing.

“Writer’s block isn’t to blame here, it’s distraction. In recent years, all of the work I’ve been doing creates problems because it creates distraction. Because the books and the show are so popular I have interviews to do constantly. I have travel plans constantly. It’s like suddenly I get invited to travel to South Africa or Dubai, and who’s passing up a free trip to Dubai?” he said.

He also explained that he has some good days as well as bad ones while working, “I don’t do it that rigidly. I go over in the morning and sit down, I usually reread what I’ve done the day before to try to build up a little momentum. Sometimes if what I wrote the day before is not very good I spend the whole day rewriting what I did the day before. But hopefully I just rewrite a little and I’m sort of in the groove and then I go on and I write another scene or two.”