Winds of Winter Release Date News: George R.R. Martin to finish the book before the next season of Game of Thrones


The latest book in the series of ‘A Song of Ice and Fire,’ ‘The Winds of Winter,’ is yet to be completed by the author George R. R. Martin.

Previously, Martin announced that the book is not on the schedule of any of his publishers. He said that the completion of the book is still uncertain and that he cannot tell a date, as of now. He even joked about the length of the books, saying it’s equivalent to two or three novels written by other writers.

So it’s highly unlikely that the book can be expected some time in the near future. However, he said that the book can be expected to be finished by 2016, with no news on the date of the release.

The last book in the series titled ‘A song of Ice and Fire’ came out in 2011, and since then fans are anxious and excited to know about what lies ahead for the characters. However, the TV series, which is adapted from the books, has taken up tidbits from Martin and is moving at a faster pace than the books.

Considering all this, Martin is determined to get the book completed before the next season on ‘Game of Thrones’ is aired by HBO. And since he’s busy with the book, he has been turning down offers to make public appearances.

Recently, he spoke to Entertainment Weekly about it and said, “Maybe I’m being overly optimistic about how quickly I can finish, but I cancelled two convention appearances (San Diego Comic Con and World Convention), I’m turning down a lot more interviews – anything I can do to clear my decks and get this done.”

In other news, Penguin Random House is releasing a ‘George R. R. Martin’s Game of Thrones Coloring Book,’ which is coloring book featuring the works of artists like Yvonne Gilbert, John Howe, Tomislav Tomic, Adam Stower, and Levi Pinfold, according to Wall Street Journal.