WildStar closed beta launches for new and old subscribers ahead of fall arrival of F2P live version


Transitioning from subscription to free-to-play version of Carbine Studios and publisher NCsoft’s science fiction and fantasy MMORPG “WildStar” will become available to both current and new supporters of the game when it launches in the fall.

New contents and features can be expected and they include the storyline The Alpha Sanctum; reward system, Madame Fay’s Fortunes; introduction of new characters; and Loyalty Program for those who have invested before by subscribing to the game, C.R.E.D.D. redemption, or purchasing MTX items can have points that they can use to buy gears, pets and other items.

New players may also experience refurbished Arkship and arrival sequence in which they can start their own adventure based on the level of their MMO. All of these will be added alongside improved sprint function, navpoint, daily log-in rewards and a lot more.

To test out the upcoming closed-play, a beta version was released on August 11 following the initial announcement of the F2P iteration on May.

According to WCCFtech, around 200,000 active subscribers can participate in the trial period where they can take note of all the issues that they encounter and report them. The beta test is said to be the developer’s way to ensure that all elements in the game are working properly especially for features such as in-game currency, movements, dungeon designs, and overall quality of life.

Carbine’s Product Director Mike Donatelli commented on the beta test, “We can’t wait to have players get into beta and check out all the new content. Inviting players to test all these systems is key to our success. We’re looking to them to provide critical feedback that will enable us to launch free-to-play this fall,” he said.

Furthermore, the official release statement reads, “Just a reminder that since this is a test environment – uneven game performance may be experienced, and last-minute downtimes or restarts can happen without warning. However, should extended downtimes be a possibility, we will strive to let you know in a timely manner.”

Meanwhile, for those who will just subscribe now, they can click on “Sign Up for Beta” located at the official website.