'Wet Hot American Summer' season 1 spoilers: exciting story coming for movie fans; Will show make it to season 2?


Prequel for the 2001 film, “Wet Hot American Summer,” the eight-episode limited Netflix series “Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp” brings back the movie executive producers David Wain and Michael Showalter, together with new characters for the fans that have been following them since the beginning.

The show re-visits Camp Firewood, two months before the events that transpired in the film. Some members of the original cast including Elizabeth Banks, Bradley Cooper, Amy Poehler and Christopher Meloni are joined by the current comedic stars Kristen Wiig, Josh Charles and Jon Hamm.

Showalter told TV Line that viewers may find the show nostalgic saying, “We weren’t worrying too much about trying to convince the audience that I, for example, am really actually 16. It’s more like, ‘Come with us on this crazy, silly thing, and let yourself just pretend for a half-hour episode that we’re all in our teens.'”

During the premiere episode titled “Campers Arrive,” the story starts off during June 24th, 1981, in the same way as the film with camp staff members gathered around the bonfire, partying to the song “Jane” by Jefferson Starship.

Meanwhile, Wain mentioned that it will not simply repeat the jokes that have been told in the film but it will try to incorporate the things that people find now to be funny.

He also hinted that the gags in the show may even become crazier than before, “There’s all sorts of storylines with major stakes. There’s a big musical they’re putting on at the camp, there’s a staff party, there’s going to be a wedding that day. There’s issues and problems that threaten the very camp’s existence,” he said.

Moreover, when asked if the producer may want to have a second season especially when there will be no scheduling conflict between the A-lister Hollywood stars, Wain answered that he and Showalter would “love to keep going,” the report added.