'Wentworth' season 5 release date possibly in April 2017; fans hoping for Bea's return


While SoHo has yet to announce the release date for “Wentworth” season 5, reports say it may premiere in April 2017. Now, whatever plot the show focuses on in the upcoming season, viewers probably won’t be seeing Bea Smith (Danielle Cormack).

Fans of “Wentworth” were stunned when they realized that Bea really died when they saw her lying in a pool of her own blood in the season 4 finale. While fans have been holding on to the hope that she would return when the fifth season premieres in 2017, “Wentworth” executive producer Jo Porter already confirmed that the character is dead and that everything was planned.

Of course, that still hasn’t stopped fans from speculating that Bea might have somehow survived Joan “The Freak” Ferguson’s (Pamela Rabe) attack. Sources believe that Bea may have survived and fell into a coma instead.

A photo Cormack posted of herself and former co-star Kate Jenkinson on her Instagram account also had fans speculating that the two actresses were spending time together because they were both going to appear in the upcoming season.

However, it’s highly likely that they were just hanging out, so fans should not expect too much from a single photo. Movie News Guide also pointed out that Cormack has already been spotted with her natural blonde hair, signifying that she’s not going to be playing the redhead Bea again. Sources also revealed that the actress did some charity work in Cambodia while filming for season 5 was ongoing in Melbourne. Well, that’s definitely bad news for Bea fans.

Meanwhile, reports suggest that with Bea gone, Ferguson and Karen “Kaz” Proctor (Tammy Macintosh) may take over the top dog position in prison. There is also the possibility of more characters dying in the upcoming season. Who will join Bea in the grave next season?