'Wayward Pines' spoilers: Theresa and Ethan Burke embark on a journey to Idaho; finale won't end with a cliffhanger, series creator promises


Fox’s new limited series Wayward Pines tells the story of Secret Agent Ethan Burke, on his way to search for his missing fellow agents Hewson and Evans, but who then suffers an accident and mysteriously ends up in a town called “Wayward Pines”, in Idaho.

As strange events start to happen, Ethan is determined to find out the truth about this mysterious place and the events surrounding it.

In the latest episode, “Our Town, Our Law”, Theresa and Ethan Burke both embark on a journey to Idaho, where they seek to find answers. They encounter Sherriff Pope, who appears to have sabotaged their car. Is it to have them stay away from Wayward Pines, or to also trap them in the town?

In the promotional photos for episode 5, “The Truth”, Ben Burke is seen participating in some sort of ceremony in Wayward Pines Academy. Is he officially a student? So Theresa and Ben both ended up in townor did they both? Also, will Ethan know about the presence of his family?

Given the strange and suspicious accident Ethan Burke supposedly had met that led him to wake up in Wayward Pines, and the seemingly inescapable town, theories of the usual “everything is a dream”, or that Ethan is in a coma, or is dead already, have been popping out. However, in an interview with TVLine, series creator Chad Hodge assured viewers and fans that “Wayward Pines is a real place”.

Also, Hodge explained that almost every resident of the town arrived there in a mysterious way, much like how Ethan did. “Not everybody wakes up in the middle of the forest,” he adds. “There are different ways to get there.”

Pines is a limited series, which means that the show will only run for one season, wrapping up the mystery in a span of 10 episodes. This is promised by Hodge, as he told Biography that fans wouldn’t be left with a cliffhanger by the end of episode 10. “You do find out the big truth halfway through the season,” he says. “And then we continue our story after that with where Book 2 and Book 3 go.”

Wayward Pines is based on the series of books by Blake Crouch, and developed for television by Chad Hodge, and produced by M. Night Shyamalan.

Wayward Pines airs Thursdays on Fox.